Toaster or Flyer Software Will Not Run

Product: Video Toaster

Platforms: 2000 3000 3000T 4000 4000T

Problem: Toaster/Flyer Software will not run.

1) Are all cables properly connected? Check that any cables you have handled are fully inserted into their proper connections, and that none are backwards.

2) Is the Toaster over terminated?

The Toaster's main output is designed to be connected directly to one device only (either a VCR, or a TV monitor for example). If you have placed a "T" connector on the main output in order to run video to two places (say, a VCR and a TV), you are weighting down the video signal. The Toaster will "hang" while starting up, as if the Toaster software cannot run. Disconnect one of the two devices and use a video distribution amplifier to run the Toaster's one video out to a number of different devices.

3) On A4000, IDE drive: After installing, if you double-click on the Start-Toaster icon, and nothing seems to happen, check to see if the system drive on which the Toaster software is installed was formatted with the International Mode option turned on. You can do this by clicking once on the icon for the drive, and selecting "Format" from the WorkBench "Icons" menu. If the International Mode box has a checkmark beside it, then the drive was formatted with International Mode on.

There are two approaches to resolving this. The "quick and dirty" solution is to reformat the drive with the International Mode turned off. This will result in a bit slower data transfer, and the software should install and run just fine. The problem is actually most likely related to the MaxTransfer setting being not quite right, and the better solution would be to find the setting which your drive requires, and enter it in your drive control parameters in HDToolBox. The figure we recommend for IDE drives, 0x1fe00, works in most cases, but may not be the optimum for your drive. You may need to consult the manufacturer for a correct figure, or you may need to use trial and error, slowly trying successively lower figures, until the Toaster software actually will run.

See also: Setting MaxTransfer

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